Fort les Rousses Juraflore

Fort les Rousses Juraflore

Discover the secrets of the Juraflore cellars.
Enter the world of legend at a height of 1150m : visit the Charles Arnaud cave, 214m, unique in Europe, the huge vaulted galleries, marvel at the 75 000 rounds of Comté Juraflore de Montagne cheese, play with the interactive model of the site, visit the cheese museography and the photo exhibition rooms, watch the film and enjoy the delicious cheese tasting…

Experience the Fort des Rousses Adventure.
In the former commando training centre of the Fort des Rousses, just like the best elite troops in the world, come and experience extraordinary sensations: giant zip-lines, monkey bridges, battlement courses, courses for small and older children, underground adventures, paintball ; enjoy these adventures at your own level: green, red or black.

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Fromagerie Juraflore

Fort des Rousses
Phone: 03 84 60 02 24
Fax: 03 84 33 70 14


You will visit the second biggest fortress in France.


Open all year (closed on Saturdays).

Depending on the season : contact  the Tourist Office for information: for individuals, call : 03 84 60 02 55.

For groups, call 03 84 60 02 24.


Adults: €6
- from 10 to 13 years old : €4
- under 10 : free

Adults : €5.30
Children from 10 to 13 years old: €4
School children :
- under 17 : €2.50
- over 17 : €3,50

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