Papy Gaby's Tuyé

Papy Gaby's Tuyé

No need to look very far: 40 km from Besançon and 30 km from Switzerland, in Gilley, in the little Saugeais Republic, at a height of 900m, you will find the most impressive “tuyé” farm in Haut-Doubs, over an area of 100m2 and standing 18m high.

Above your head, you will be able to admire the pyramid-shaped chimney where Morteau sausage, ham, bacon, palette (shoulder meat) and brési (smoked beef meat) are cured and smoked.

Another distinctive feature: the place where smoking/curing takes place is in the middle of the “tuyé”. The fir branches and sawdust burn slowly and flavour our products nicely. Before you go, be sure to discover the chef’s own speciality: “la cendrée du Papy Gaby”,  a very unctuous sausage which is dried and matured for 5 weeks before it is rolled in ash, giving it an inimitable flavour.

As you leave the “tuyé”, “Madame President” of the Saugeais Republic will welcome you and Papy Gaby will sing you the Saugeais national anthem.

Judge for yourself : come and visit and taste for free, we’ll be happy to offer you your pass for the Saugeais Republic.

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Tuyé du Papy Gaby

2 Rue les Cotey
25650 Gilley
Phone: 03 81 43 33 03
Fax: 03 81 43 30 26



Open every day : 9 am - 12 noon and 1:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Open on Sundays from 15th April  to 31th October 
Open non-stop from 1st July to 31st August


Free guided tour.

Free tasting session and you will be given a free pass for the Saugeais Republic.


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25 360 NANCRAY
Tél. 03 81 55 29 77

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